Description of 'input', 'inputPath', and 'stageParams' in schedule event (for AWS)


I’m setting up a lambda function that will run on a schedule, and the function has different “flavors” that I need to control via input arguments. Looks like there are several different ways to pass in arguments as per:

… but I don’t see definitions of exactly what each of these keywords does:

  • input
  • inputPath
  • stageParams

Is there any documentation that explains that?

Thanks in advance!


Anyone? I can see that “input” parameters go into the “event” json into my lambda.

Can anyone at a minimum explain what “stageParams” does? It’s not obvious to me, and I can’t find anything in the docs…


Yeah, I would love to know the same… Unclear from the docs :frowning:

input and inputPath map to AWS constructs; stageParams is just a sub-item of input and appears to be a made up name, showing that you can nest things under input