Deplying With Bitbucket Pipeline

Dear Team, I’m using serverless framework to deploy a Lambda in AWS.
Lambda runtime is: python3.9; Lambda use python libraries like: pandas, awswrangler, click

I deploy the lambda in 2 ways:

    • Bitbucket pipeline
    • serverless deploy command

In both ways I get error: Resource handler returned message: "Unzipped size must be smaller than 262144000 bytes

So I tried with:

    - '!.tox/**'
    - '!events/**'
    - '!git-hook/**'
    - '!test/**'
    - '!venv3/**'
    - '!.coverage'
    - '!.coveragerc'
    - '!.flake8'
    - '!logs.txt'
    - '!'
    - '!tox.ini'

  - serverless-plugin-existing-s3
  - serverless-python-requirements
  - serverless-step-functions
  - serverless-deployment-bucket
  defaultRegion: "eu-central-1"
    zip: true

And deploy by command line.
In this case, when I run the Lambda on AWS, I get error message: Unable to import module 'serverless_myproject.lambda_handler': Unable to import required dependencies: click|wrangler:

Any suggestion?
Thank you