Deploying package from Windows box to AWS Linux issue (.pyd vs .so file)

I am new to serverless and run into following issue today:
I am on Windows box and using LXML library in my project, after deploying to AWS Linux server using "sls deploy " command and calling my Lambda function I am getting ‘Internal Server error’. I noticed that my packaging zip file in the lxml folder contains “etree.pyd” (Windows dll) file while the same folder on Linux contains “” file (that is expected on AWS Linux server I think).
Is it possible to package “.so” file on Windows box?

I found a thread that discussing a similar issue:

Thank you for advise,

Update: we found a solution - using Docker. PyCharm has good support for Docker Tools. Spanning Linux container and deploying from this container - creates correct binaries for the library.
Could be nice to have serverless options to deploy from Windows box to Linux container on AWS.