Deploying lambda into existing VPC when current infrastructure built with Terraform

Hi, I am investigating the use of the framework and was very impressed that in less than 5 minutes I was able to deploy a python hello world lamda from my mac.

What I would really like to do is deploy this hello world function into the existing VPC which is obviously different in each environment (dev, test, non-prod and prod) but… the thing is all of our infrastructure is built with terraform and our current lambdas are deployed from Jenkins as part of an automated terraform deploy, this has obvious drawbacks in that we need to zip the lambda and either push the feature branch or manually run the terraform apply locally to get changes sent to AWS.

Is it possible to use servlerless and get things like VPC ID’s which are only available in terraform remote state right now as we dont use cloud formation, what I mean is not can I get the tf remote state but can I use the framework to dynamically interrogate my AWS infrastructure and retrieve these values?