Deploying an application from outside of directory

TLDR; I want to be able to run serverless deploy from outside the app’s directory.

Directory structure:

├───DirectoryX (program that deploys other apps)
│    deployer-script.js
├───ServerlessApp (app to be deployed)
│    serverless.yml
│    package.json
│    functionOne.js
│    functionTwo.js
│    ...

I’m trying to programmatically assemble node applications and deploy them with serverless.

To achieve that, I have a program running on directory X, which assembles code in directory Y.
The outcome is a directory Y with a valid node application structure, containing source code, package.json and a serverless.yml.

The next step would be to remotely trigger serverless deploy so the source code gets packaged and deployed.

I cannot do that from the process running at directory X.

Locally, I have serverless installed as a global npm package, so I can run the command at the Y directory.
But in production, best case I can install serverless as a local npm package, so I can’t package and deploy an application outside the root of my current app’s directory.

Can you think of any way to make this happen?

I tried pointing from directory X at the absolute path location to the serverless script in the node_modules folder installed in app/directory Y.
The command crashes.

Any help would be appreciated.