Deploy failed when existing user pool triggered function is removed

I use existing user pool triggers like this.

    handler: handler.my_func
      - cognitoUserPool:
          pool: testpool
          trigger: PostAuthentication
          existing: true

However, when I remove one of them and deploy the process fails.
The error messages are

Failed to delete resource. User: arn:aws:sts::****:assumed-role/prjectname-IamRoleCustomResourcesLambdaEx-*****/prjectname-custom-resource-existing-cup is not authorized to perform: lambda:RemovePermission on resource

The version is 1.50.0

Probably some setting of iam is not enough.
Can this be solved by my definition in serverless.yml?
Please kindly advise.



Very similar, but I got this

Failed to create resource. User: arn:aws:sts::845110609621:assumed-role/propswap-jeanc-IamRoleCustomResourcesLambdaExecuti-1BXRS6XB57ESY/propswap-jeanc-custom-resource-existing-cup is not authorized to perform: iam:PassRole on resource: arn:aws:iam::845110609621:role/propsw3a762d80_sns-role-jeanc See details in CloudWatch Log: 2019/08/23/[$LATEST]5ad3be449c4f4e84a5835cdc4c5a2a53

With the following:

  timeout: 61
  handler: handlers/user/afterAuthenticate.js
    - cognitoUserPool:
        pool: ${file(amplify/custom.js):custom.user_pool_name}
        trigger: PostAuthentication
        existing: true

Iā€™m getting a similar problem on 1.50.0.

Serverless Error ---------------------------------------
  An error occurred: PreSignUpCustomCognitoUserPool1 - Failed to create resource. User: arn:aws:sts::[num]:assumed-role/ttw3-cognito-triggers-liv-IamRoleCustomResourcesLa-9S662UBZG46B/ttw3-cognito-triggers-live2-custom-resource-existing-cup is not authorized to perform: iam:PassRole on resource: arn:aws:iam::[num]:role/[rol] See details in CloudWatch Log: 2019/08/24/[$LATEST]8062f5ca32e947f6a06a0e36a5284457.

handler: handler.autoConfirmUser
  - cognitoUserPool:
      pool: ${self:provider.environment.COGNITO_POOL}
      trigger: PreSignUp
      existing: true

Thank you for opening the issue!

I first mentioned that it happened when I removed a function, but as you say, another similar problem occurred when I deploy.
The problem occurred when I enabled Multi-Factor Authentication and provided a role to allow Amazon Cognito to send SMS messages.

Failed to create resource. User: arn:aws:sts::***:assumed-role/my-project-IamRoleCustomResourcesLambdaExecut-***/my-project-custom-resource-existing-cup is not authorized to perform: iam:PassRole on resource: arn:aws:iam::***:role/service-role/myUserPool-SMS-Role See details in CloudWatch Log: 2019/08/27/[$LATEST]***
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