Deploy API-Gateway individually

i’m searching for one of the three features:

  • deploy an individually function and update the api-gateway-settings for this function
  • deploy all api-gateway-settings but don’t update the functions
  • deploy the api-gateway-settings of one function

but i see only the following possibilities:

  • “serverless deploy function -f myFunction”: deploy this function (this doesn’t change the path of the route)
  • “serverless deploy”: this will change all all routes and will deploy all functions

why do i want it: some functions are very big ( > 50mb), so “serverless deploy” is no option when i have many routes but only want to change one of them.

i hope you can help me. <3

Do your functions really need to be >50mb? Is there any way you can use the packaging settings to reduce your function size?

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s currently a way to do what you want.

I have added your use-case to the issue related to deployment.