DependOn API Gateway deployment

I have a resource part that is assigning selected API Gateway stage with predefined WAF ACL rule. However this part is failing as the REST API deployment part is not ready when assigning happens. We’re having following error at AWS CF console. So the question is, is there possibility to tackle this issue by depending (DependOn) on some particular artifact?

The referenced item does not exist. (Service: AWSWAFRegional; Status Code: 400; Error Code: WAFNonexistentItemException

Here’s the serverless.yml part:

      Type: 'AWS::WAFRegional::WebACLAssociation'
        WebACLId: { 'Fn::ImportValue': '<key>' }
        ResourceArn: arn:aws:apigateway:#{AWS::Region}::/restapis/#{ApiGatewayRestApi}/stages/${self:provider.stage}

hi do you manage to solve this problem? I am currently having the same issue.