Creation of RabbitMQ queues


I have taken over a project using an old version of Serverless (V2) that deploys lambda functions that are triggered on new messages on RabbitMQ queues. The configuration is all written in Typescript.

I have to upgrade to Serverless (V3) now. This appears to be ok, in that changes to the lambda functions are deployed. It does not appear to create and bind new queues in RabbitMQ though. Unfortunately I don’t know for sure whether it should or not. The serverless docs are not clear either, so I wanted to ask here to see if that can be cleared up for me.

For future developers that might also attempt this, the answer is that the framework does not create the queues automatically. We have a post build script that iterates through the queues defined in the serverless config and invokes the RabbitMQ API directly to create the queues, bindings etc.