CORS support in version 1 beta 1?

How do I add support for CORS in Beta 1? I am getting a security error.

I’m going to need this too

We don’t have CORS support in master yet, but we have a pull request that will be merged really soon. There was a bug until yesterday that stopped us from merging. The PR is here:

Hey guys, so did this get in 1.0.0.beta.2?

I am trying:

–handler: getInvite.handle
--------path: invites/{inviteId}
--------method: get
------------- - ‘*’
------------ - ‘x-custom-header’

@beeleebow there was a bug with custom headers. Can you try this with the latest master branch

Yeah, I actually work with puug who tracked down the bug. We have just been monkey patching for the last week or so.

Keep up the good work guys, this serverless thing has legs :slight_smile:

@beeleebow cool, let us know if anything else comes up