Configuration warning at function event should be string


I’m trying to attach an exported out value from SST App Stack and attach it to a function event. However, I when I do so it runs into a configuration validation error.

Configuration warning at ‘[1].cognitoUserPool.pool’: should be string

My yml file is:

handler: createUser.handler
description: function to create a new user
  - http:
      path: user
      method: post
      cors: true
      authorizer: aws_iam  
  - cognitoUserPool:
      pool: !ImportValue ${self:custom.sstApp}-UserPoolName
      trigger: PreSignUp

My exported value from my sst app

new CfnOutput(this, 'UserPoolName', {
		value: userPool.userPoolProviderName,
		exportName: app.logicalPrefixedName('UserPoolName'),

Can someone explain how why I’m running into configuration error? I’ve hit a brick wall for a few hours now.

I checked the syno_mem_check file as you have mentioned. The real function that checks the compability is actually in shared library Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin.