Comparing to the new AWS SAM

AWS just released the AWS SAM specification and it’s natively supported under the CloudFormation.

The features are pretty similar to the Serverless Framework except for the development aspect, packaging and plugin.
Did I miss any thing, or any other major difference between them?


I’ve been looking at AWS SAM all day, and it is strikingly similar to the Serverless Framework’s core functionality, the YAML could be mistaken for serverless.yml, and it can all be done with the standard AWS CLI in Jenkins. It’s the first time I have played with the environment variables too, which is nice.

However, the feedback loop leaves a lot to be desired, it’s not so informative for deployments, and lacks the useful CLI create function that saves time. Also seems to lack plugin capability, which is useful to enforce security guidelines, development standards and custom deployment steps.

I’m interested in what the guys at Serverless Inc. think to this, maybe they knew this was coming.


The guys’ response in youtube livechat :
There’s also a github discussion related to SAM support: