Cognito User Pool with User Groups?

Anyone have a serverless.yml example of creating a Cognito User Pool with User Groups? I’d like to have one Cognito User Pool with multiple User Groups like Sales, Engineering, Customers, etc.

Hey, I created a user pool group from the console and then created a route on my front-end to restrict users from that group only to access that specific route.

Thanks for the reply. I’m still looking to see if someone has an example of creating the User Groups in serverless.yml

I found this video pretty helpful: She has a lot of cool videos on serverless

i have this working, perhaps can be of help - and can add group to the schema, something like:

          - Name: group
            AttributeDataType: String
            Mutable: true
            Required: false

I think those are custom attributes, not really suited for the group functionality of the cognito service

this might be the a actual solution: