Cognito federated identities

I am trying to create a web app (React) which will be hosted in S3 and uses API Gateway, Lambda (Nodejs, Javascript) and DynamoDB.
I am planning to use AWS Cognito and Cognito federated Identities.
I two flow to the app:

  1. UnAuthenticated
  2. Authenticated
    User from both flows must have access to other services (Gateway, DynamoDB, Lambda) with an only small difference for Authenticated user.

I am not able to find any good examples for using Cognito Federated Identities for Unauthenticated Identities and how to configure them.
I would be of great help if anyone can provide info on this.

Thanks in advance!!


Hi Kiran

Have you looked at AWS Amplify? It makes it really easy to do exactly what you just said. There are also some videos on YouTube I can recommend.

Be warned that it’s still early days for the project so things may change quickly. Also, while Mobile Hub makes it really easy to set everything up you may need to provision resources independently. For example: I had to setup Cognito User Pool and Federated Identity manually through the console to get email logins without usernames workings.


Hi Rich,
I will have a look at it. Thanks for the links.
Also, I am still looking into the Cognito federated identity examples for my case as you mentioned AWS amplify is still in early days.
Thank you!


I used this project/page as a guide in doing that exact thing a couple months ago:

I didn’t end up completely testing the federated identity part, since i didn’t have a good provider and the requirement went away (beyond User Pools)… but in starting to test it, i did make a developer account at to test as an identity provider.

HTH, Mark