Can't update same stack on different computer

Hi there. I’m trying to change ownership of my stack to a different person. Therefore, he needs to be able to deploy the stack from his computer.

I committed all of the code in the repository, including the .serverless folder (which I thought was what was necessary). We even have him using the same authentication keys now, but he still gets Another resource with the same parent already has this name: name-of-project.

Is there a solution to this? It seems like a glaring weakness, so I’m sure there’s a way to deploy from a different machine.

Can you give the stack trace given when you run the command with SLS_DEBUG=1 ... at the beginning? Hopefully this will have more information about the specific resource which is causing the error.

If I had to guess, I would assume S3 is the culprit - bucket names must be globally unique (at least in part because they have domain names associated with them, and public DNS must be globally unique).

Thanks for the time rowanu. I actually figured out the culprit was that the other person was on 1.4.0 and I was on 1.0.0rc2. I needed to update then change the paths of the functions to something arbitrary (to clear the old functions), then deploy, then change them back, then deploy.

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