Can't pass headers or status code as response to HTTP request

I’m returning something like this to my serverless function:

  statusCode: 302,
  headers: {
    'Location': '',
    'Set-Cookie': setCookie
  body: 'Redirecting...'

Also, I’m using this as my settings for the lambda function:

- http:
    path: 'auth/steam/verify'
    method: get
    integration: lambda
        application/json: 'bla'

When I send a request to the endpoint, it just sends the literal JSON instead of sending the 302 status code and the headers. I believe this is a problem with lambda integration, but I don’t understand how to solve it.

You are mixing lambda and lambda-proxy.

Short answer: remove “integration” and “request” from serverless.yml

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ah, so is there anyway to access the query params or headers with lambda proxy?

never mind. I see. the event has a body param and I can access query params from there