Can't figure out syntax for variable substitution

Note, I’ve changed the variable syntax with this:
variableSyntax: ‘$<([ :a-zA-Z0-9._,\-\/\(\)]+?)>’

I’m trying to build a SQL statement for IOT:

    handler: hls/deviceJIT.deviceJIT
    role: digiJITlambda
      - iot:
          sql: SELECT * FROM '$aws/events/certificates/registered/$<file(../config/ca-id.json):certificateId>'

It is not substituting the value from the file into the SQL statement. When I look in AWS I just see the unsubstituted string.

I also tried the Fn:Join syntax but Cloudformation does not support it in a SQL statement.

I gave up on this and built the string externally and then put it into file. That gets rid of the need for concatenation inside of serverless.

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