Can't create stage in same lambda

Hello guys, I’m using serverless for AWS, but i have an issue when i try to deploy to diffent stages, because is creating another “API” with the preffix of the stage, but not create stage on exiting lambda.

serverless deploy --verbose --stage prod create an API and stage prod (prod-servicenamehere)
serverless deploy --verbose use dev stage by default and is creating new API with name dev-servicenamehere

I want to merge stage in one api not into two.

 Node Version:           8.9.4
 Serverless Version:     1.26.0



I have the same need.

Alternatively, please provide a reason why it should not be done this way. Thanks!

This GitHub issue goes into it, with a solution near the bottom. It’s not perfect and I’d really like support for this in vanilla Serverless, but I hope it helps someone.