Cannot resolve serverless.yml: Variables resolution errored when seems to be correctly described

Hi, i get this error when trying to deploy :

Cannot resolve serverless.yml: Variables resolution errored with:
  - Cannot resolve variable at "provider.environment.NODE_ENV": The param "NODE_ENV" cannot be resolved from CLI options or stage params. If you are using Serverless Framework Compose, make sure to run commands via Compose so that all parameters can be resolved

I tried to get help through chat but still stucked.

My serverless.yml file (minimum reproductible):

service: slack-api
frameworkVersion: '3'
  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs18.x
  region: eu-west-2
    NODE_ENV: ${param:NODE_ENV}
plugins: []
    handler: handler.statusGet
    timeout: 29
      - httpApi:
          path: /status
          method: get

You can see full process into screenshot attached. Another screenshot shows NODE_ENV is well defined at good place. So I don’t understand why I’m stucked.

Thanks in advance!