Cannot edit Lambda function online

on AWS website it says I cannot edit Lambda function
any idea if this is common or bug with serverless ?
and how do I verify that my npm package was install for lambda use ?
there is no way to find of npm package was uploaded for use with lambda

Does your IAM User/Role have permission to edit/modify Lambdas? It sounds like a permissions issue.

You can run serverless deploy --noDeploy and then inspect the zip file created in the .serverless/ directory to see exactly what’s included in your Lambda function. It should contain your node_modules/ directory if things are working as expected.

You can’t edit the function online, because we upload a zip file to Lambda. After deployment you can check the .serverless folder in your service where you’ll find the zip file and Cloudformation templates that were deployed. if you run serverless deploy --noDeploy the artifacts will be created and not deployed.

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