Can several functions in parallel write data in dynamo db?

execution without parallel functions: time = x

execution with 4 parallel functions: time = x / 4

When the code attached with 4 parallel functions is executed, the total time is not divided for 4, but is maintained.

  • my question is: Does Dynamodb support parallel function table writes?
  • Is there any configuration for dynamo to support writes in parallel?
def patronfanin_out(event, context):
    for i in range(4):
        x= list #aqui envio una lista nueva para cada función
        response = lambda_client.invoke(

def workers(event, context):
  table = boto3.resource('dynamodb').Table('patron2')
  rowsFinal = event['list']
  with table.batch_writer() as batch:
    for row in rowsFinal:
          'id': str(uuid.uuid4()),
          'serie': row[0],
          'rank': row[1],
          'discipline': row[2],
          'sex': row[3],
          'salary': row[4]
  response = {
      "statusCode": 200,
      "params" : rowsFinal
  return response