Can I use a S3 resident jar artifact?

…or do I have to import it locally?

Also, (another question/topic)…
We are planning to run the serverless deployment/gateway integration on a jenkins instance, which has access to our stack.

How can we grab the gateway URL for subsequent DNS/configuration, and downstream publication?

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Just in case anybody’s wondering, I am just importing the jar locally, at this point. I suspect that the AWS console does something similar, when it allows us to specify a S3 obbject for the source, as an alternative to uploading it directly.

We have a jenkins job which builds the jar, and exports it to S3. The jar is used by several lambdas, each of which invokes a different entry point.

The job which builds the jar, when successful, triggers another job which invokes serverless to deploy/update the gateway coupled lambdas. It starts out by importing the jar from s3 into it’s work space.

While I could probably write a python script to pull the gateway URLs, I would rather not if there’s an easier way to access that information.

As always, I am grateful for any guidance offered.

Are you talking about the API Gateway endpoint URLs you get in an sls info command? I’m not sure what that’s got to with S3, so I might not be understanding your question…

I was conflating a couple of totally different questions. My bad.

Transferring my jar artifact from s3 to my build environment is not a big deal, and I misunderstood how the deployment is packaged, so I thought the deployment bucket was redundant. I now understand that not to be the case.

I also did not know about sls info, which your response clued me in to, so I am grateful for that.

I will try to phrase my questions more articulately in the future.

thx. …s

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