Azure cosmosDB yml configuration

Hi, I’m trying to set up the yml file to create an azure function that calls a cosmosDB.

My package json has the needed package:

"devDependencies": {
        "serverless-azure-functions": "^2.1.0"

My serverless.yml mentions the plugin:

       - serverless-azure-functions

I’ve pretty much copied the docs configuration

    handler: src/handlers/cosmos.write
      - http: true
          - POST
        authLevel: anonymous
      - cosmosDB:
        direction: out
        name: record # name of input parameter in function signature
        databaseName: sampleDB
        collectionName: sampleCollection
        connectionStringSetting: COSMOS_DB_CONNECTION # name of appsetting with the connection string
        createIfNotExists: true # A boolean value to indicate whether the collection is created when it doesn't exist.

but when i run sls offline or sls deploy I get an error saying Error: Binding direction not supported
and if I comment out direction then it will error at the next binding name

Has anyone managed to get serverless functions deploying to azure and talking to a cosmosDB?
I can’t find anything online.
I also logged a bug with the azure function plugin:

when I don’t include any properties under cosmosDB, it says:
Error: Required property connectionStringSetting is missing for binding:cosmosDB
When I add connectionStringSetting (or anything under cosmosDB) it says:
Error: Binding connectionStringSetting not supported