AWS with Express catch-all routes -- both sides

Hi –

I’ve got a very nice web app put together using serverless and AWS, using express to handle different routes.

Everything works fine, except setting up a “catch-all” route to handle bad URLs.

I’ve found one side, which is to set up the final route in my “serverless.yml” file as:

    # ... other routes ...
      handler: index.handler
        - http:
            path: /{any+}
            method: any

The part I can’t seem to get to work is the node side of things. The (possibly) important bits of my index.ts file:

    const serverless = require('serverless-http')
    const bodyParser = require('body-parser')
    const express = require('express')
    const app = express()
    const AWS = require('aws-sdk')

    // ...
    app.use(bodyParser.json({ strict: false }))
    // Get User endpoint
    app.get('/users', getUserName(dynamoDb))

    // ... other route handlers ...
    // Catch-all endpoint
    app.all(/.*/, function(req, res) {

For the app.all first argument, I’ve used /.*/, '.*', '*', '/*', and ‘/{any+}’.

When I put in a URL that isn’t otherwise handled, the browser comes back with an empty page, and the catch_all route is never activated (according to CloudWatch logs).

Any help much appreciated!