Aws-serverless-express and Serverless

Amazon just released support for aws-serverless-express (

Can Serverless possibly work alongside aws-serverless-express or are they too independent?

They serve very different purposes, and are completely independent.

aws-serverless-express translates an application defined in Express’ API to run a HTTP-based application on AWS Lambda and API Gateway.

Serverless (the framework) is a (currently) AWS Lambda-based application framework. You don’t have to have any HTTP based access to your Serverless application if you don’t want/need it.

Sure, but for those who are building an HTTP API via APIG+Lambda, it could be more convenient and easier to have some sort of aws-serverless-express integration with Serverless instead of defining everything about the APIG endpoint configurations in the serverless.yml file.

Why are you trying to combine the two? What’s the benefit? I can’t see it.

If you want to use the Express API to define endpoints, use aws-serverless-express. If you want more flexibility and customisation, use Serverless.

hey, im totaly newbe to this…
so if i want to make rest api from aws lambda, its no need to work with express right?
cuz serverless is actually support it? right?


Basically we decided to implement our own HTTP endpoint mapping, because we want to have full control over how this is set up (thats also why we don’t use swagger). Through our Plugin infrastructure this could be extended though to support aws express (currently we don’t have any plans to do this ourselves though)