AWS private lambda with custom domain name


I try to deploy “private lambda” (only accessible by my other lambdas).
I would like to use custom domain name to avoid to make links between the stacks and to get a stable endpoint.

I can achieve the “private lambda” by using private API gateway and VPC interface endpoint.
The problem is that private API gateway does not support custom domain name.

What is the design to make a private lambda with custom domain name ?


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If all you are after is to be able to access one Lambda from another without exposing a public endpoint, the best way to do so is to not use API Gateway at all. Rather use services such as SNS, SQS or even EventBridge to send messages between Lambdas. If you really need to do synchronously then you can use the AWS SDK to call one Lambda directly using the invoke method:

Sorry for the late feedback.
Yes, it makes the job ! :slight_smile: Thank you.