AWS Lambda Not Deploying with Error: Region is missing

All of a sudden I am trying to deploy lambdas in AWS and am getting:

Error: Region is missing

Running "serverless" from node_modules

Deploying codigo-worksheet-lda to stage dev (us-east-2)

× Stack codigo-worksheet-lda-dev failed to deploy (0s)
Environment: linux, node 18.15.0, framework 3.28.1 (local) 3.28.1v (global), plugin 6.2.3, SDK 4.3.2
Credentials: Local, environment variables

Error: Region is missing
    at default (/home/vsts/work/node_modules/@aws-sdk/config-resolver/dist-cjs/regionConfig/config.js:10:15)
    at /home/vsts/work/node_modules/@aws-sdk/node-config-provider/dist-cjs/fromStatic.js:6:83
    at /home/vsts/work/node_modules/@aws-sdk/property-provider/dist-cjs/chain.js:11:28
    at async coalesceProvider (/home/vsts/work/node_modules/@aws-sdk/property-provider/dist-cjs/memoize.js:14:24)
    at async /home/vsts/work/node_modules/@aws-sdk/property-provider/dist-cjs/memoize.js:26:28

1 deprecation found: run 'serverless doctor' for more details
##[error]Bash exited with code '1'.

Anybody seeing this? It just started happening today. Lambdas that I deployed yesterday successfully are now having this issue. Any thoughts on what I need to do?


Could you upload your serverless.yml file, please? look in the image, also note that in the error log you are talking about Region with capital R

Seeing that you are using local env variables as credentials, can you double check if you have set the region?

If you have, can you please share your serverless.yml file?