AWS Lambda Container Support Example


Can somebody provide an example of AWS Lambda using Container Support as documented here:

I created a Lambda function using AWS CDK as:

const listMusicFunction = new lambda.DockerImageFunction(this, ‘listMusicFunction’,{
functionName: ‘listMusicFunction’,
code: lambda.DockerImageCode.fromImageAsset(path.join(__dirname, ‘…/src/music-service’), {
cmd: [ “list.list” ],
entrypoint: ["/"],
environment: {
DYNAMODB_TABLE: this.table.tableName

Do you have a Serverless sample of this code snippet?


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you can start with this boilerplate I just made.

You should be able to define additional ressources in your serverless.yml as usual.

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Thanks for the effort. Do you have a sample that has two lambda functions deployed using one container image?

I’m not sure you can do that, as you’re image point to a single handler.
Or maybe with parameters…

In my example, it sits behing an api gateway, and it has a http router behind, so you can access different controllers depending of the method and path you use.