AWS Golang Lambda Deployement using Serverless Framework

Hi There,
Can anyone help me with deployment of golang AWS lambda codes with the serverless framework.
I followed the documentation and it deployed and created the lambda but unable to run it as it says permission denied.

I an running on Windows 10.

Please note manually i am able to deploy the go lambda codes using AWS dcumentaion to build and zip using build-lambda-zip.exe. T

The issue is with automatic deployment using server-less framework for lambda codes written in golang.

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If you’re still having issues you might want to take a look at our examples repo:

We’re building up the golang examples across each major provider so stay tuned!

@sebito91 this isn’t an issue with his code. It’s an issue that i’ve also faced here: Can't seem to deploy Golang with the Serverless Framework on Windows.. (permission issues?)

Thanks, really appreciate you linking the issues together. I’m going to look into this and get back to you ASAP, apologies for the delay here!