APIs are not deploying Prod stage which can be seen in Resources

We are having serverless architecture and we are using .Net core (netcoreapp2.1 framework) and AWS

In order to create API gateway and deploy APIs we are using below snippet in CloudFormation. Earlier we had not added OpenAPiVersion property but as mentioned in the issue “https://github.com/awslabs/serverless-application-model/issues/1202” we were getting two stages 1. Prod and 2. Stage.

Recently we have added few new APIs endpoint. We are getting 403Forbidden for the new endpoints though old endpoints are working fine.

In swagger we have added new endpoints but we have observed those endpoints are not deployed on Prod stage through cloudformation(API Gateway/API/Stages/Prod). We can see those new APIs under Resources tab(API Gateway/API)

We are deploying our code through Azure devops pipeline

Can you please suggest why new APIs are not been deploying to Prod stage.

Code snippet:

      OpenApiVersion: 3.0.0
      StageName: Prod
        Bucket: XXX
        Key: !Ref SwaggerKey
      TracingEnabled: true
        - DataTraceEnabled: false
          HttpMethod: '*'
          LoggingLevel: ERROR
          MetricsEnabled: true
          ResourcePath: /*
          API : !Ref APIFunctionName

Know someone who can answer?