Add Content Handling Parameter to AWS PROXY

Hi there

I am building a serverless function which returns a PDF. In my config for my event I have (modified from the typescript starter):

export default {
  handler: `${__dirname.split(process.cwd())[1].substring(1)}/handler.main`,
  events: [
  http: {
    method: "post",
    path: "generateForm",
    request: {
      contentHandling: <const>"CONVERT_TO_BINARY",
      schema: {
        "application/json": schema,

When I deploy I get the error:
Warning! You’re using the AWS_PROXY in combination with a request configuration in your function “generateForm”. Only the request.parameters, request.schema configs are available in conjunction with AWS_PROXY. Serverless will remove this configuration automatically before deployment.

However when testing with Postman it seems to correctly return the binary file. Can I safely ignore this error?