200 resource limit - example required

hello friends!

I’m trying to split my yml file to one yml per service due to cloudformation 200 resource limit. I’m facing an issue with defining nested Rest API pattern. Here is the pattern I’m using:


I’m trying to break my Web API into microservices - each level in the above path is a micro service of its own placed in a dedicated folder (eg - tenant site, building, team, member) with CRUD operations. each folder has its own yml file.

I can’t find a good example - showing how to share the path of the parent service inside the child (or nested) service. So for example, the building service should reuse the path /tenant/{tenant_id}/site/{site_id} instead of trying to redefine it - otherwise cloduformation will throw an error since it is already defined in the parent (site) service.

can you please point me to some good example showing how to deal with multiple levels of nesting ? I could only find this one example: https://github.com/trilom/sls-microservice
but the nesting is not very complicated in that example and I can’t figure out how it works.

any help is much appreciated!!