Which one to choose AWS or Google Cloud for my Magento site?

I am building an ecommerce store on Magento 2 and looking for a dedicated cloud hosting.
I found AWS and Google cloud to be the best option but I am confused that which one will be solution for me?

You should keep in mind your budget, a number of visitors on your site, catalog size, possibility to scale, and other factors before deciding which hosting to choose.

I think Atharva System may provide more information to you which may help you to take your decision.

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Magento has unique features, and so it also needs a hosting service that can enhance these features. Let’s take at the following some of the best hosting options for building an e-commerce site with Magento.


You can build a Magento site using Amazon’s AWS. The QuickStart process automatically installs Magento on the AWS cloud. You need to first sign up for an AWS account to build with Magento. A detailed guide is provided for you to get started.

Google Cloud

If you prefer the security and quality hosting that Google can bring, then hosting Magento sites on their platform is a wise choice. However, this method requires technical know-how and is not for casual users. Bitnami offers Magento’s image on GCP.

You can pick a hosting platform that has the right amount of features that are relevant to you. In this way, you get your money’s worth and build a Magento site without difficulty.

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