What Are The Duties Of Azure AI Engineer Associate?

This is the era of modern technologies, Designing and Implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions, and now has become a way of success for cloud-based enterprises. It has a vital role now in upgrading a business’s productivity and resources. Microsoft Azure has gained a prominent spot in the world of cloud computing. To execute and design Artificial Intelligence Solutions in businesses, the need for Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate has increased. The skills of Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate makes sure that a business or a company avail Microsoft Artificial Intelligence more effectively. This article will be answering the following questions:

  • The Technical Tasks you will accomplish as a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate.
  • The skills you must have as a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate.
  • Which exam is required for a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate?
  • How to prepare for the AI-102 for a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate Exam?

Tasks You Will Accomplish as a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate

Microsoft AI Solutions: After passing the AI-102 Exam you'll be called a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate. Then it is your duty to architect and execute Microsoft AI solutions involving natural language processing, speech, computer vision, by using Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, and Knowledge Mining.

Cognitive Services APIs: The AI Engineer identifies components and technologies required to connect service endpoints by selecting the processing architecture for a solution, the appropriate data processing technologies, and the appropriate AI models and services. You will also identify automation requirements as well.

Mapping Security Requirements To Tools, Technologies & Processes: As an Azure Artificial Intelligence Engineer, you will identify the processes and regulations needed to confirm data privacy, protection, and regulatory requirements. Identifying auditing requirements, an appropriate tool for a solution will also part of your job. Which users and groups have access to information and interfaces, you will identify them as well.

Designing Solutions Consisting Of More Than One Pipelines: The Azure AI engineer designs pipelines that call Azure Machine Learning models for selecting an AI solution that meets cost constraints. If you become the Azure AI Engineer you will:

  • Design solutions that use Cognitive Services.
  • You will design solutions that implement the Bot Framework.
  • Design the compute infrastructure to support a solution.
  • You will design for data governance, compliance, and security.

Implementation and Monitoring Of AI Solution: To accomplish this task your skills of implementing an AI workflow, integrating AI services with solution components, and monitoring the AI environment will be used. Besides this, it will be your responsibility to recommend changes to an AI solution based on performance data. As an Azure AI engineer you will implement Azure Search in a solution by configuring prerequisite components to allow connectivity with Bot Framework.

Creation Of Intelligent Bots With the Azure Bot Service: The accomplishment of this task will enable your customers to interact with computer applications conversationally. Your customers will use text, graphics, or speech, for the interaction. It is your task to add intelligence to the Bot by integrating QnA Maker and LUIS.

Evaluation Of Text with Azure Cognitive Language Services: You will analyze text, determine intent, detect adult themes, and process natural language input by using Cognitive Language Services.

Speech Translation: By integrating the Cognitive Speech Services, you will convert speech to text and recognize specific speakers in your applications. As an Azure AI engineer you will recognize specific voices with the speaker recognition APIs in cognitive services of the Microsoft Azure. If you want to become a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate, visit Study4exam for its required preparation material.

Pass The AI-102 Exam To Become Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate

Your career as an Azure AI engineer can proceed forward very smoothly if you have already understood the concepts of Azure Fundamentals. Azure fundamentals cover basics and an elementary knowledge of Azure, but this knowledge helps a lot at the associate and expert levels. Azure AI Engineer Associate is one of the most distinguished roles in Azure certifications. Only one exam AI-102 is required to earn its certification. This exam focuses on designing and implementing an Azure Artificial Intelligence Solution. After clearing your concepts of Azure Fundamentals, you must pass the AI-102 exam.

 Core Expertise Measured in the AI-102 Exam:

  • Plan and manage an Azure Cognitive Services solution (15-20%)
  • Implement Computer Vision solutions (20-25%)
  • Implement natural language processing solutions (20-25%)
  • Implement knowledge mining solutions (15-20%)
  • Implement conversational AI solutions (15-20%)

Prerequisite To Pass The AI-102 Exam

Only one exam is required for the certification of Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate. But, for your preparation, there is an optional prerequisite. Azure Fundamentals can help you not only in the exam AI-102 but in your professional career as well. It will be great if you have cleared the following concepts before the preparation of exam AI-102:

  • Cloud Concepts
  • Core Azure Services
  • Azure Pricing, and Support
  • Your concepts of Cloud Security, Privacy, Compliance, and trust must be cleared.

How To Prepare For The Exam AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution?

Updated Preparation Material: The best way to pass the exam AI-102 is to prepare it from credible and authentic sources. You must prepare from updated and relevant exam material. Besides updated preparation material, you will never be able to get the certification of Azure AI Engineer. Study4exam provides you updated exam material and its bundle contains Practice Exam (Web-based Online & Offline Desktop Version), Questions and Answers (PDF) for the preparation of the AI-102 exam. 

Course AI-102T01-A: Microsoft offers this course on its official website. This course is about designing and implementing an Azure AI solution. The main focus remains on Cloud Solution Architects, Azure artificial intelligence designers, and AI developers. This course helps to enhance your preparation in the following topics:

  • Azure Cognitive Services: This course will give you an overview of Azure Cognitive Services. You will be able to create a Cognitive Service on the Azure Portal along with testing a Cognitive Service.
  • Creating Bots: This course gives complete information about creating a Basic Chat Bot, and testing with the Bot Emulator.
  • Enhancing Bots with QnA Maker: The Introduction of the QnA Maker will be given. You will know how to integrate Bots and QnA Maker to build up a useful knowledge base for user interactions.

Browse all products of Microsoft AI Engineer: This official website of Microsoft provides you with the step-by-step guidance of Microsoft products related to the role of artificial engineer. This will help you to start your preparation by exploring different learning paths and modules. It will give you comprehensive guidance on the following topics:

  • A complete guide about Creating Intelligent Bots with the Azure Bot Service has been provided.
  • Publishing a Machine Learning Experiment with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio.
  • Processing images with Azure Cognitive Vision Services.
  • You will get information to evaluate text with Azure Cognitive Language Services.

Study Groups: The preparation for the exam can be enhanced by your participation in various online study groups and communities. Professionals from around the globe take part in online discussion communities. You would be able to get many new ideas for preparing for the exam AI-102 and lots of your queries would be answered as well.

Practice Makes Us Perfect

  • After understanding the core concepts, we should go for practice because no practice means no success. Make sure your success in Azure AI Engineer Certification by using AI-102 Exam Questions. These questions are made by a team of professionals and experts according to Microsoft's official study guide and syllabus covering all the latest AI-102 exam topics.
  • Don’t forget to evaluate your preparation with the help of the AI-102 practice exam offered by Study4exam. It helps in identifying the weak points and gives you an idea of the Actual Exam.