Skip a Pytest Test in Serverless CI/CD

Any advice on what detect to conditionally skip a pytest test when using the CI/CD in Serverless Pro

I have a test that calls Tika, which needs Java. I get the following error and the test fails

----------------------------- Captured stderr call -----------------------------
2021-06-03 17:02:02,847 [MainThread ] [INFO ] Retrieving to /tmp/tika-server.jar.
2021-06-03 17:02:03,263 [MainThread ] [INFO ] Retrieving to /tmp/tika-server.jar.md5.
2021-06-03 17:02:03,499 [MainThread ] [ERROR] Unable to run java; is it installed?
2021-06-03 17:02:03,500 [MainThread ] [ERROR] Failed to receive startup confirmation from startServer.
------------------------------ Captured log call -------------------------------

Consequently I want to skip the test as I can run it locally before upload