Multiple api's one codebase

Hi I’ve setup nerveless and would like to create a second and third api that both utilize the same core code as the first.

I would like to structure the code as follows if possible but am open to suggestion:


  • api1
  • api2
  • api3

I hope this makes sense. I cannot use the authorizer to authorize individual methods in the api with tons due to the AWS cache issue, and must allow * per API, which doesn’t allow me to lock down some routes for admin use, and some for public users.

The issue I am having is including the core files into each root folder of each api.

Any help is appreciated.



nevermind, I got it working using symlinks.

If anyone has a similar issue, here is what I did.

from the root of my main project…

cd api1
ln -s …/core_code ./corecode

And that will link in the core_code directory, and on deploy it will package the core code into the main deployment package. Tested successfully.

Not really get your point, when you say it is resolved.

Are you thinking to fix it with different stages (option of --stage )?