Limit plugin to a specific lambda

Hi everyone.

I have a microservice with serverless, that consists of one lambda. This lambda uses a C# runtime. So far it works great. However, I wanted to add an authorizer. In other microservices, we do so by using the option authorizer under the HTTP function with a name and then declaring the function with that name as a normal function on serverless.

So far so good, it works pretty well. However, our authorizers are in nodejs, meaning, another runtime. And we are currently using a plugin to run webpack on our nodejs code (We are using serverless-bundle, but I think it is irrelevant - the problem might be with other plugins as well).

The problem is that, because of that plugin, my understanding is that that plugin takes care of all the packaging functionality. So it fails to find a handler for the C# lambda, because, well, it does not understand C#. For C# there’s another command to package. So I was wondering if there’s a way to limit serverless bundle just to the authorizer lambda and to package the C# one like I would normally do. I guess for deploying it would be a script of 3 or 4 commands, but that’d be on my end, the tricky part now is make serverless-bundle not failing because of the C# lambda.

So, is there a way to disable the plugin for certain lambdas (so they don’t get packaged by the plugin, but by another steps/plugin?)

Thanks in advance.