IOT Kinesis - Push message straight into stream without lambda



Hi All,

We have a flow that goes:
publish message on IOT topic -> push message into Kinesis Stream -> process record into DynamoDB.
I’ve manually added the rule in IOT to pass messages directly into the kinesis stream but I want to move this step into the serverless service.

In the IOT console, when creating the rule to “Act” on an IOT topic there is an option to push to kinesis stream which forwards all messages that are published to a topic straight into the stream.

To replicate this in the Serverless Framework I’m going to create another function to push the messages straight into Kinesis.

    handler: iotTopicToKinesisStream.handler
      - iot:
          sql: "SELECT * FROM 'topic/specifictopic/+'"

Question: Does the option to in IOT to push messages into a Kinesis stream run a lambda under the hood? Is my approach the best/only way to replicate the functionality in the Serverless framework?