Encountered unsupported property ErrorOutputPrefix

I created a Firehose Delivery Stream to deliver records to S3. It was deployed successfully. But I want to custom the Prefix of ExtendedS3DestinationConfiguration to “Prefix: !{timestamp:yyyy/MM/dd}”.
Refer to the custom prefixes docs in AWS: custom prefixes for Amazon S3 Object
ErrorOutputPrefix can’t be null when Prefix contains expressions.
When I added the ErrorOutputPrefix option in ExtendedS3DestinationConfiguration, which can be referred in this doc page: ExtendedS3DestinationConfiguration
The error occurred in deployment. Any help?

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I confirmed that I have ran into the same issue.
At first, using S3DestinationConfiguration and ExtendedS3DestinationConfiguration both cause the same issue:

“Encountered unsupported property ErrorOutputPrefix”

Very likely a bug from the aws side.

From the console, it doesn’t have an option to provide ErrorOutputPrefix.

Hello, did you managed to find a solution for this?
I’m having the same problem trying to add the prefix and errorPrefix without success…