cognito lambda (RDS sync) trigger (PostConfirmation) timeout

i was working in a simple function to keep sync my RDS user table and Cognito

    export async function main (event, context, callback) {

    try {
      let user, User

      User    = models.User

      console.log('before insert',new Date())  
      user = await User.create({
        name: ,
        lastName:       event.request.userAttributes.family_name,
        organizationId: event.request.userAttributes['custom:organizationId'],
        roleId:         event.request.userAttributes['custom:roleId']

      console.log('after insert', new Date())
      callback(null, event)
      console.log('after callback',new Date())

    } catch (e) {
      callback(e, event)

According to the logs as you can see this function respect the 5 seconds of execution, so why never ended? and why cognito make 3 attempts?

@ErickYataco, I have the exact same problem with PreTokenGeneration, any luck making it work?